Beveling machine

beveling machine LKF200 Blackestone UAE


Beveling machine LKF.200

LKF225 Pipe bevel kit blackestone UAE

LKF.225 Pipe bevel Kit

The milling angle is adjustable from 15º to 60º and the depth is incrementally variable and accurately adjustable. The LKF.200 has a maximum bevel width of 0 to 20 mm. The edges are perfectly formed and need no extra finishing. The LKF.200 processes profiles, plates and pipes (from ø 160 mm) with the greatest of ease. The LKF.200 is suitable for all metals. The motor is provided with an electronic overload safety and a re-start feature. The LKF.200 is also provided with a compressed air connection that ensures extra coolant when used intensively. For beveling in pipes, need an extra pipe bevel kit (LKF.225 ) which not included along with standard delivery of machine.

RPM 2850
EDGE ANGLE 15º – 60º
MAX. BEVEL WIDTH 0 – 20 mm
DIMENSIONS 420 x 300 x 300 mm
WEIGHT 22 kg