Compact bench-top Spectrometer

smallest spectrometer-economical-compact-Dubai-UAE-Saudiarabia-Basic-Analysis-metal-OES-AES-testing-Optical-emission

“The Spartan”, Compact bench-top Spectrometer and the most economical in the world.

shares its DNA with the Metavision-108N series and has been custom-designed by Metal Power to address the needs of the MSME sector – which has often been forced to shy away from investments in spectrometers purely on account of the capital costs involved. With high precision, accuracy and repeatability, the Spartan is a rugged and compact benchtop solution that meets all the critical quality assurance needs of fast-growing and quality-conscious MSMEs.

Available for Ferrous and non-Ferrous (Al, Cu etc.) bases, the Spartan is powered with the same Analyst operating and applications suite that powers the Metavision-108N series. Designed for usage even by untrained operators, the Spartan is not just easy-to-use, but also easy to maintain, while its low Argon and electricity consumption ensure that operating costs do not offset its low cost of acquisition, making it the instrument with the best features.

Salient Features and Advantages
! Unmatched analytical performance and reliability with excellent long-term stability
! Rapid analysis time of just a few seconds
! Open Sample Stand to conveniently accommodate samples of a wide range of sizes and shapes
! Proven long-term stability and repeatability
! High accuracy, precision and reliability of results
! Grade Identification library for quick identification and confirmation of grades
! Extremely easy to use – full PC control and single click operation
! Vacuum-free optics enabling fast stabilization
! Lowest Capital cost and Total Cost of Ownership across markets


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