H-Scan Analyzer for Hydrogen in Molten Al

H-Scan Analyzer for Hydrogen in Molten Al

H-Scan-Analyzer-Hydrogen-Molten Aluminium-Blackestone-UAE-Saudiarabia-Qatar-Oman-kuwait-EgyptThe presence of Hydrogen in molten Aluminium poses problems to the foundry and casting industries, as high residual hydrogen can result in significant porosity after casting, leading to rejections or the risk of mechanical failure. Metal Power’s H-Scan Analyser has been built to rapidly and accurately analyse the Hydrogen content in molten Aluminium and has a number of unique features, some of which are patented.

Blackestone Supplies, Metal Power’s H-Scan Analyser has been built to rapidly and accurately analyse the Hydrogen content in molten Aluminium and has a number of unique features. H-Scan uses the reduced pressure technique to measure the Hydrogen content. By controlled solidification, the partial pressure of all the Hydrogen released is accurately measured and related to its percentage. H-Scan gives accurate quantitative information within 3 to 5 minutes of sampling, enabling users to optimize the level of de-gassing. H-Scan comes with the assurance of high-quality, reliability and the highest levels of service from us. It has Special features of  LED Display for Readout in ml / 100 gm, Display in ppm or cc / 100 gm, Scratch free keyboard to select database fields, LCD interface for details (E.g. Company Name, Operator, Shift, Sample ID, Date,Time, Furnace, etc.), Thermal Printer interface for printouts across parameters, USB Interface to download, Fast and Accurate Analysis using sample weight correction, Works in the harsh environment of foundries up to 60oC, weight correction, Mode selection to enable and disable specific features, Self leakage test for periodic maintenance in H-Scan, and  Emergency STOP Button.

Dimensions : 62 x 62 x 110 cm
Weight : 131 kg
Electrical Input : 230V (+/-10%) 50Hz Single Phase with 5 meter armored power cable.
Power : 1.25KVA
Sample Weight : 100gm nominal.
Measurement time : 3 minutes
Range : Up to 0.85 cc/100gm (0.76 ppm)
Sensitivity : +/- 0.01cc /100gm
Accuracy : Less than 5% difference between H-Scan Method & Vacuum Sub-fusion Method
Least Count : 0.01 CC/gm
Memory : Up to 1,000 analyses

Specifications are subject to change on account of product upgrades.

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