Mobile Spectrometer 108P

Mobile Arc/Spark Spectrometer with Low Carbon Analysis

Arc Spark Atomic Optical Emission Spectrometers UAE Qatar Oman Blackestone108f

Arc & Spark Atomic / Optical Emission Spectrometers 108P

Metavision-108P – Portable Mobile Spectrometer
The Mobile Metavision-108P has been introduced for providing near-lab level Precision and Accuracy in ferrous & non-ferrous metals including Carbon analysis. The Metavision-108P is Bharat’s first and only Mobile /Portable Spectrometer. It has a small and light handy probe attached to a cable and can work in the open in ambient temperatures up to 50 degree C. It can perform grade identification as well as perform elemental analysis of all important elements.

Spectrometer Dubai Abudhabi Blackestone Ras al khiama108f1Like all Products from the House of Metal Power, the Metavision108P is a Rough & Tough, Rugged & Reliable and Ready & Simple-to-use Unit.

Features are several – Grade Sorting/Identification; Multi-base analysis capability; Auto-Id and Base Matrix; Deletion of bad burns; Display of SD/RSD; Global Standardization; Simple Re-standardization; Hot Key Operations for various functions; decimal point position change; Compatibility with OS Window XP, Windows 7 (32bits) & Windows 8 (32bits) etc.


Built with such applications in mind, the Metavision-108P is a mobile spectrometer equipped with a hand-held probe. The Metavision-108P is built to be rugged enough to withstand shopfloor stresses and provide fatigue-free operations across a range of environmental and working conditions. Light and ergonomic, the probe is designed for ease-of-use and operating convenience, while the instrument’s battery increases mobility and allows for sustained usage even in places without power supply


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