Optical Emission Spectrometer 1008i

Arc & Spark Atomic / Optical Emission Spectrometer 1008i

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• An advanced model that extends the scope of a routine analysis.

• Offers more elements with lower detection limits and improved precision.
• Includes Nitrogen analysis.
• Multiple CCDs with Patented D-Scan Method for increased Resolution.
• Fully s/w controlled through external PC for ease of operation.
• Argon purged & temperature controlled optics.
• Meets the requirements of all types of ferrous & non-ferrous applications.
• Argon Super Saver included.
• Built-in Auto diagnostic feature.
• Lowest cost of ownership and offers the best price-to-performance ratio.
• Available as both bench top & floor standing versions (with pedestal).

Analytical and Software features leave little besides to be desired.

There are useful features like Auto Base, Matrix and Grade ID as well as Analysis; Carbon Equivalent Calculation; Quick & Easy Single-SUS Re-standardization; Grade Sorting; Melt Addition Program for calculation of Charge Additions; Auto Diagnostics for rendering quick & easy service and repair and an unique Auto-Phoonk System for self-cleaning of the Spark Chamber.
Hardware and Software are in-built for transmitting results to remote stations, for instance, from the Lab to the Melting Furnace Platform. Wireless transmission can be done too.
Grades’ and CRMs’ (Standards) Libraries (with Search facility) give the User added edge while doing his/her normal duties as a good Analytical Chemist. Proven Applications for Thin Sheets and Wires have been developed. Metal Power’s Applications Lab is constantly endeavoring to develop more and more applications and for making the Metavision increasingly more useful.
For a Public Laboratory it is important to be able to present their customers with results in a form and format that would be acceptable. Towards this, the Flexible Report Writer-Designer offers a very powerful tool to design & customize Report Formats. In addition, standard templates of Reports are also provided. The Metavision-1008i also offers the User options to change the sequence of elements to suit their needs and also to remove elements that may not be considered necessary or required.
Various other features like customized extension of analytical ranges; Hot Key Operations for various functions; decimal point position change; check-sample facility; Database Management; Compatibility with OS Window XP, Windows 7 (32bits) & Windows 8 (32bits) etc; all add to the usefulness of the Metavision-1008i.
The Metavision-1008i is an Optical Emission Spectrometer for Rapid analysis (20 sec. for non-ferrous metals and 25 sec. for Steels & Cast Iron). It is also Rugged & Reliable. Electrically and Argon-wise it is extremely economical and can be termed as a very Stable Laboratory Spectrometer for High Precision and Accuracy.

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