Optical Emission Spectrometer 108NF

Spectrometer UAE Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Blackestone 108nfBlackestone Supplies Optical Emission Spectrometer 108NF in UAE, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia &  it is the Industry’s Standard Model for non-ferrous Metals/Alloys and the most versatile & rugged CCD based system in its class.
•Meets the requirements of non-ferrous applications.
•Fully s/w controlled through external PC for ease of operation.
•Argon purged & temperature controlled optics.
•Argon Super Saver included.
•Built-in Auto diagnostic feature.play-video-youtube-blackestone
•Lowest cost of ownership for any spectrometer in the market.
•It is a true value for money as it offers the best price-to-performance ratio.
•Available as both bench top & floor standing versions (with pedestal).


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