Roll Groover Complete

ROLL GROOVER (pipe grooving machine ) MACSTROC – STEED.12D2

The Steed.12D2 roll groover complete, powered by 1100W induction motor, hydraulic pump and convenient depth adjusting function, which is capable of grooving 2”-12” Sch 10 and 2”-8” Sch 40 standard wall pipes. “Separate knurling roller” design of drive shaft for convenient replacement changing. The machine comes with a wheel trolley stand, and the unit can be setup quickly. The induction motor ensures steady and quiet operation.
Power groover 2″-12″ ( Sch40 2″-6″; Sch10 2″-12″ )
Motor: 1100w induction
Speed: 24 RPM
Standard roll set: 2″-6″, 8″-12″
Net weight: 120kg


Model STEED.12D2 grooving machine.
One 2”-6” Schedule 10/40 Roll Set.
One 8”-12” Schedule 10 Roll Set, 8” Schedule 40.
Model MH1200 Pipe Support Stand.
*Supplied with Wheel Trolley Stand and Foot switch.