secondhand machines

Secondhand machines

we supply used (Secondhand) machines in UAE which are Pipe threading machines, roll groover, Pipe cutters, Hole drilling machines etc..

Used Threading machines from Ridgid, Rothenberger, Asada, Macstroc and Rex

Used Pipe cutting machines from Ridgid, Rothenberger and Asada

used roll groover from Ridgid, Rothenberger and Asada

Die heads for Ridgid, Rothenberger, Macstroc and Asada

Secondhand Pipe drilling machines from Ridgid, Rothenberger, AGP, Asada in UAE








UAE Supplier for secondhand Pipe threading machine

Used threading machines in Dubai

Used pipe threading, Hole drilling, Roll groover in UAE

Used Pipe Threading Machines For Sale, Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi and Oman