Electric Lifting Magnet

Rectangular electromagnet for Lifting

electromagnet lifting electric magnet in Dubai, UAE, Sharjah, Abudhabi Continue Reading →

Electric lifting magnet

   Electric lifting magnet MADE IN USA FEATURES: As the Electric Magnetic Lifter Systems is useful in wide range for lift the Material, such as steel plates, workpiece, machine parts, molds iron Continue Reading →

Electrically Operated Permanent Magnets

PEMR PermElec Momentary Release Holding Magnets, Manufactured in USA Features of Electrically Operated Permanent Magnets: Permanent magnets are always in the hold condition without using electricity. Electromagnet is energized with Continue Reading →

Battery Operated Lifting Magnets

Versatile, Compact and Fully Portable :All Battery Operated Lift Magnets are manufactured in USA, versatile, compact and fully portable. Their self contained power source allows them to be operated anywhere Continue Reading →

Large Bipolar Electromagnets

  The extended, parallel pole design creates a greater “reach-out” of the magnetic field than a “flat-faced” style electromagnet and allows both the north and south poles of the bi-polar Continue Reading →

Automated Rectifier Controllers

Blackestone supply  Automated Rectifier Controllers ; ‘AU (Automatic Release) Rectifier Controller Series” in UAE and other middle east countries.  AU Series Rectifier Controllers, with solid state circuitry, provide the rapid cycling Continue Reading →