Lifting equipment

Economic electromagnet solution for Lifting steel billets. Blackestone can provide electromagnets custom made for lifting steel parts like billets or plates. rectangular magnets can supply along with extension wire, rectifier and switch.

economic electro-lifting magnet solution UAE










Blackestone Supplies wide range if Lifting equipment in UAE which are chain blocks, lever blocks, lifting clamps, hooks and pulleys

Chain Block-Blackestone-UAE-Lifting Equipment- Dubai- Sharjah- Abudhabi

Chain Block

Lever Block-Chain Block- Hoist-Blackestone-UAE-Lifting Equipment- Dubai- Sharjah- Abudhabi

Lever Block

electric chain block Blackestone UAE Dubai Abudhabi RasalKhiama Fujaira Sharjah Ajman

Electric Chain Blocks

pipelifting-grider-clamp-blackestone FZE-UAE-oman-saudi arabia


Plate lifting clamp -vertical-horizontal-blackestone FZE-UAE-oman

Plate lifting clamps

Rigging hardware Clevis shortening grab hook- blackestone-UAE-Dubai-Sharjah

Rigging hardware